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A2 CofC and GVC Combined Course

Part 1

The A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) course is PART 1 of the Full Course THE a2CofC course covers theory such as the basic principles of flight, operating in congested areas, how to avoid collision, battery safety, and weather factors.

Along with your A2 CofC course you can complete some practical flight training with us at home under self-monitored circumstances.

Once you have completed the practical flight training you will complete a short multiple-choice test with 30 questions.

As soon as you’ve passed your Theory Exam and proved your flying competence, we’ll send you your A2 CofC Certificate and you’ll be ready to fly and earn.

The A2 CofC CAA qualification is valid for five years before you need to renew it.

Part 2

The GVC Course is PART 2 of the full course leading to the CAA GVC qualification. You must complete and pass PART 1 of the course which is the A2 Certificate of Competency before you start PART 2 the GVC Course.

The GVC online course is Part 2 and consists of additional online theoretical training and testing.

The Student MUST complete and pass Part 1 which is the A2 Certificate of Competency before enrolling on PART 2 the GVC.

The theoretical part of the online course is completed in the comfort of your own home on the device of your choosing.

As you work through the course you can test your knowledge with our free GVC mock tests.

Once the course is complete you can choose to access the comprehensive 80 question mock test, completing this test gives you the confidence to undertake the online theory test with ease.

Once the students complete PART 2 and pass the online GVC exam then they book and attend a CDT’s testing location for their GVC flight test.

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