One to One Two Hour Intensive GVC Training

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The Intensive training builds on the benefits of completing the GVC online course but gives the student an additional TWO HOURS of Zoom-based face to face call refresher training with an examiner ensuring the student is ready for the 44-question multiple choice GVC theoretical test.

There is a structure and agenda to the Intensive training, but the One-to-One tuition gives you the opportunity talk though any questions and cover topic or items on which you may feel you need extra help or guidance.

Students must have completed PART 1 the A2 Certificate of Competency before enrolling on the GVC Intensive Training and Refresher Course

The student will complete the theory test at the end of the Intensive Training Refresher session and then move onto the flight test arranged for a separate time.

The cost of this One-to-One intensive GVC Training is £99.