Full Online Course


Full Online Course

The GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) replaced the NQE Certificate of Competence – PfCO in January 2021. You’ll need one to obtain Operational Authorisation for commercial work.

The PfCO was the previous CAA certification to fly commercially in the UK and was the qualification and permission issued by the CAA until the end of 2020.

The Full Course consists of two parts. Part one is the A2 Certificate of Competency.  Part two is called the GVC Online Course.

Online FULL Course – £375

The GVC online course is Part 2 of the full course and consists of additional online theoretical training and testing.

The Student MUST complete and pass Part 1 which is the A2 Certificate of Competency before starting PART 2  of the full course the GVC.

Once complete the student then books and attends a CDT’s testing location for their GVC flight test.

The theoretical part of the online course is completed in the comfort of your own home on the device of your choosing.

As you work through the course you can test your knowledge with our free GVC mock tests.

Once the course is complete you can choose to access the comprehensive 40+ question mock test, completing this test gives you the confidence to undertake the online theory test with ease.

The main GVC theoretical test is then completed on-line (invigilated by a CDT examiner using your webcam).

After the successful completion of the theoretical testing phase, a date and time for your GVC flight test will be organised.

At the end of all GVC courses the student applies through the CAA website for an Operational Authorisation. The processing fee paid by the student directly to the CAA during the online application is £254.

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