GVC and PfCO

GVC and Operational Authorisation

FAQ for A2 CofC
gvc and pfco
a2 Cetificate of Competency
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The GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) replaced the NQE Certificate of Competence in January 2021. You’ll need GVC to obtain Operational Authorisation.

The PfCO was the previous CAA certification to fly commercially in the UK and was the qualification and permission issued by the CAA until the end of 2020.

Anyone who had a PfCO will have now converted to an Operational Authorisation

If you let your Operational Authorisation expire you will not be able to renew it with your NQE certificates and will have to complete a GVC course with an RAE to get the required GVC certificates to apply for a new operational Authorisation.

If you hold an old NQE certificate we can offer you a conversion course to qualify you for the GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC). 

You can book our online A2 Certificate of Competency / GVC course by clicking on the button below: