Mike Green

Top 3 Frequently Asked A2 CofC Questions

As a Recognised Assessment Entity RAE approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority CAA to host A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) Courses and train Drone Pilots I am frequently contacted regarding our traditional A2 CofC ground school and online courses.  The following three most common A2 CofC questions are below: 1.  I need to fly my …

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Navigating the Open Category

Navigating the Open Category can be quite daunting.  CDT recommend using the table below in conjunction with Reading CAP 2013 and CAP 1789A to gain a better  understanding of what and where you can fly.  The ‘All’ row of the table states the ‘Golden Rules’ for Navigating the Open Category.   Operation   UAS Operator …

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